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Global Engineer's Solutions Institute of Testing and Commissioning, Consultants and Contractors : TCC GES

Continuous Growth In Power Sectors Around The Globe Inspired Us To Establish 'Global Engineer's Solutions' To Provide Solutions In Testing And Commissioning Of Power Plants And Substations.

After Studying The Problems In The Engineering And Construction Field GES TCC Is Providing The Following Services.

    Training Institute:
  • Training In Electrical Testing And Commissioning Field For Engineers Either Fresh Or Experienced.
  • Consultants:
  • To fullfill the requirements of Testing And Commissioning Of Power Plants And Substations TCCGES Started Supplying The Qualified And Trained T & C Engineers from its "Institute" and Outside.
  • Contractors
  • To Provide better Quality in Testing, Commissioning and Maintanance Fields, TCC GES Starts Taking T & C Works From EPC Projects.


  1. To Shape The Future Of Engineers To through the Errors In T & C Fields.
  2. To Maintain The Dignity Of Engineers its Training In T & C Fields.
  3. To Maintain The International Standards In T & C activities.
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