Team Menber

Abdul Rahman, Voltech

"I completed my training in TCCGES and got placed in Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd. one year ago. This training really helped me. Becoz before joining this institute I had no idea of testing and commissioning. But on the field the T&C engineers have got high respect. Becoz they have the ACTUAL technical knowledge. Their role is very Crucial in any project. No Power plant/substation/factory/refinery/manufacturing unit, etc., will ever start without T&C engineer. It is an EVERGREEN field with huge opportunities abroad with high pay scales. I realised this only after joining this institute. I learnt the study of schematics, which is the CORE of T&C engineering. The simulations in the institute lab really helped me learn the basics of overall operation of an electrical system. I’m living my dream of working on electrical equipment like Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Generators, Relays, etc. I’m really happy of where I’m today and I’m grateful to TCCGES for guiding me to this field."

Team Menber

Shaik Khaleeluddin, Voltech

"I am very happy to share my experience about TCCGES. I joined this institute and completed my training 6 months ago and got placed in Voltech, Chennai. I happy working on what I was trained in the instutute. There is a huge scope on trained Engineers in the market. I personally recommend to join this institute and make a bright future. I wish you all a very best of luck for your future endeavours."